Twixt Trailer: The Horror, the Horror


Francis Ford Coppola recently showed off footage of his new Gothic drama Twixt at Comic-Con, and the panel became notorious for its amusing digressions and tech snafus as Coppola tried to reedit scenes on the fly using an iPad app. Today, the Toronto Film Festival has released an extended trailer for Twixt in advance of its premiere there, and while it's a little more coherent than the Comic-Con presentation, it doesn't have the benefit of Coppola's in-person charm to sell it. What we're left with, then, is a horror mystery that's unfortunately cheap and digital-looking (a surprise, since cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. also shot Coppola's lush Tetro and Youth Without Youth), starring Val Kilmer as a third-rate writer who gets drawn into a small-town murder mystery that may involve a spectral Elle Fanning, whom the writer appears to commune with in his dreams. Still, at least it's nice to see Kilmer front and center again, especially sans bolo tie.