Expect to See Charlie’s Funeral on the Season Premiere of Two and a Half Men


Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men character Charlie Harper will be heading off to that big woman-hating sitcom in the sky, and the show's two-part season premiere will include his funeral, according to Deadline. Charlie's numerous girlfriends come to pay their respects, and then Charlie's house, which he shares with the other 1.5 men, will go on the market, allowing for a parade of cameos from would-be buyers, one of whom is Ashton Kutcher's character. (Alas, this means Kutcher won't be playing a post-plastic-surgery version of Charlie Harper, a far-fetched but actually great idea.) Men is assiduously unsentimental, and the Sheen debacle over the last few months has completely overshadowed any possible plot points or comedy beats, but still: Killing off the star of the show and then holding his funeral on the season premiere? Bold moves. [Deadline]