Video: Judge the Bachelor Pad Contestants From Just One Sentence


Earlier this spring we watched two dozen dudes on The Bachelorette try to prove how romantic they were by donning masks and reciting poetry written in the back of a limousine. They had to at least pretend they liked the show's star, Ashley Hebert, because, well, the only prizes were love and a little bit of fame. But on ABC's Bachelor Pad, which premiered its second season last night, almost no one pretends they are "here for love": It's clear the many Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni on the show are after the cash prize of $250,000. So who really deserves the money? To help you decide, we've created this cutdown of the entire Three. Hour. Long. episode, giving each contestant just one line to help you get a sense of who they really are. Except, of course, for contestant Melissa — poor thing, none of her dialogue made it into last night's episode. Foreshadowing?