Vulture Premieres the Season-Two Poster for Boardwalk Empire


We're six weeks away from the season-two premiere of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, which comes back on September 25. Last week saw the release of a quietly spooky trailer in which Nucky (Steve Buscemi) imagines both allies and enemies as potential threats, and now here's an exclusive first look at the new key art for the series, which will soon begin popping up on buses, billboards, and magazines. The new poster carries over the paranoid theme of last week's trailer: It features a tuxedo-clad Nucky, looking quite suspicious, with a dozen of his friends and foes surrounding him on the boardwalk. The tagline: "Know who's behind you." Check out the poster and feel free to start reading all sorts of meaning into the placement of various characters, the expressions on their faces, and why some folks are staring straight at Nucky and others are gazing ... elsewhere.