Watch OK Go and the Muppets Reimagine ‘The Muppet Show Theme Song’


The OK Go video for "The Muppet Show Theme Song" (as part of the The Green Album) is indeed celebratory, but given both the Muppets' and OK Go's previous instances of viral genius, this is a little disappointing. Sure, it's cute — maybe even very cute — but it doesn't commit to any one concept fully enough: It's an homage to other OK Go videos, a clearinghouse for dozens of Muppet characters (love you, Pepe), and there's the charming reality-bending of the Muppets-as-puppeteers and the series of wake-up reveals. Each moment of the video works in isolation, but the whole doesn't quite come together. That said, the final pajama-clad scenes are pure delights — baaaark — and the new Muppet movie can't come out soon enough.