Weird Vibes Trailer: MTV’s Still In the Music Business


Still pleasantly surprised that MTV — whose programming is now spearheaded by the twin beasts that are Jersey Shore and Teen Mom — decided to bring back 120 Minutes? Well, the network's got another treat for you music obsessives. If you lived in the greater New York area between 2003 and 2009 and like music, you may well have fond memories of the quietly excellent NYC-TV show New York Noise, an hour-long showcase for new and awesome bands that aired sort of late at night and made for great alcohol-boosted TV watching. (The show had a passionate little following, and when it went off the air an actual petition went around to bring it back.) Now the show's creator, Shirley Braha, has been tapped by the newish MTV Hive to create a half-hour web series that is more or less along the lines of her famed creation. It's called Weird Vibes, it premieres this Thursday, and Vulture's got the trailer for you right here. From the looks of the advance material, the show will have a delightful Saved by the Bell aesthetic and lots of indie-rockers being goofy. (And yeah, it airs online only, but you don't watch regular television on your television anyway, right?) Dig in, nerds!