West Memphis 3 Get a New $20 Million Film


Today's release of the West Memphis 3 will give a huge jolt of momentum to the third Paradise Lost documentary about the trio that's headed to Toronto, but there may be someone else even better positioned to take advantage of this moment. Deadline reports that director Atom Egoyan was already mounting Devil's Knot, a $20 million drama about the three men wrongfully accused of child murder; after a rewrite that takes today's events into consideration, the movie will be ready to shoot in the spring. It's a situation similar to the one Kathryn Bigelow found herself in earlier this year when her fact-based thriller about the hunt to kill Osama bin Laden got a real-life third act after U.S. forces gunned the Al Qaeda leader down in Pakistan. Indie filmmakers: predicting the future, all of a sudden! [Deadline]