Which Creepy Reality Show ‘Knight’ Would You Want Protecting You?


Good news for damsels in distress everywhere, this season had not one but two reality-show contestants claiming to be knights in shining armor, ready to do whatever it takes to save their TV girlfriends from elimination. First there was Big Brother's Brendon, who met his fair maiden, Rachel, last season and declared himself her "knight." Now engaged, they both returned this year for more constant reiteration of knightliness, and Brendon ultimately sacrificed himself so his maiden could weep another day. Then over on Bachelor Pad, we have Kasey, who, during a recent season on The Bachelorette, got a heart and shield tattooed on his forearm as a symbol of how he would "guard and protect" the heart of bachelorette Ali, who ultimately left him on a glacier. Luckily, Kasey soon found another lady, Bachelor contestant Vienna, whose heart was also in need of guarding and protecting, and so now the tattoo stops bullets for her. So now the tough question: Who is the better protector? And the second question: Who is creepier? Watch our video comparison and make the calls.