Wyatt Cenac Has A Terrible Bill Cosby In His Back Pocket


While visiting NPR yesterday to discuss his new comedy album Comedy Person, Wyatt Cenac brushed off rumors that he was singled out as a possible SNL pick to play Barack Obama. “There was a time when they were looking,” Cenac says, before revealing, “That’s the thing, my Obama impression is terrible. Every impression I do is just a terrible variation on an awful Bill Cosby impression I do.” For example, Cenac explains, “You’re doing an Australian accent, but it’s just Australian Bill Cosby. That’s British Bill Cosby. That’s Pirate Bill Cosby.” Wyatt Cenac then does his Bill Cosby impersonation, which, yeah, sounds exactly like your Bill Cosby impersonation. That being said, Pirate Bill Cosby? That seems like more than enough to make him a featured player.