You Have Four Hours to Make the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival a Much Crazier Event


Eugene Mirman has been raising funds on Kickstarter for the past month in order to make his Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, happening in Brooklyn in September, a crazier and more ambitious affair. The period for fundraising ends this afternoon, and he’s currently about $1,300 short of his $18,000 goal. If he doesn’t hit $18,000 by 2:06pm EST today, he gets none of the money. That would suck! So go toss him a few bucks if you want to support awesome, funny things. There are some seriously ridiculous incentives in it for you, too! Unless you don’t want “a leather jacket covered in swears, culturally and racially insensitive messages and inspirational sayings that gives you and three friends access to all the festival shows.”