ABC Developing Another Jekyll and Hyde Show

circa 1965: A chemist compares the contents of one test tube to that of another. (Photo by Hirz/Getty Images) Photo: Hirz/Getty Images

ABC is really going all-in on the fantasy front. The yet-to-premiere Once Upon a Time is the network's biggest gamble this season, but they've sent a second Jekyll and Hyde–themed show into development. Last month, the network bought Hyde, about an ER doctor who develops an alter ego after undergoing an experimental treatment. This new project, imaginatively titled Jekyll & Hyde, is set in San Francisco, and has a "darkly romantic" vibe and possibly a cloning story line, according to Deadline. There was a BBC contemporary take a few years ago, which means all that's left is a reality show set within the theme restaurant and then we will have officially Jekyll'd every Hyde there is. Or maybe ABC can combine the two shows, except one is evil and the other decent. [Deadline]