Adele Is Speaking to Her Lame Ex-Boyfriend Again


You may recall that 21, Adele's wildly successful second album, was written entirely about one loathsome dude who had the nerve to break the British singer's heart. The guy, as best we can tell from "Rumor Has It," was a total scumbag. ("She is half your age / but I'm guessing that's the reason that you've stayed." Hissss.) So we're more than a little concerned to learn that Adele has now rekindled her friendship with the ex in question. She explains: "We're becoming friends again. It's alright, I know what I'm doing. Enough time has gone by." Adele! No! Even if that last part is true, in accordance with the SATC Breakup Recovery Time Theorem (half the time you were in the relationship), this guy is not on your level. He can't be trusted. And being the bigger person is generally terrible when it comes to making good music. Do not go down that road! Danger, Adele! [Independent UK]