‘Someone Like You’ Video: Adele Takes a Sad Trip to Paris


A few weeks ago, we got a little concerned over the news that Adele had rekindled a friendship with the ex-boyfriend who inspired her wildly successful post-breakup album, 21. It seemed dangerous, frankly, and also a bit soon; by our count, the guy should still be sitting at home listening to "Turning Tables" and thinking about what he did. But maybe the secretly devastating video for "Someone Like You" will remind him? At first glance, the video is pretty simple: just Adele, walking along the Seine in black-and-white, looking regally depressed about the whole bust-up. But then the camera takes a twirl to catch the Eiffel Tower, or an old bridge, or some other perfect Parisian scene, and you're reminded just how brutal the situation is. Adele isn't just alone — she's alone in Paris. Oof. Stay away, ex-boyfriend; you're just being cruel now.