Margaret Trailer: Time Travel Back to 2005 With Anna Paquin and Matt Damon


Sex and death are commingled all the time for Anna Paquin in True Blood, but nowhere near as punitively as they are in the trailer for her new movie Margaret, which finds Paquin eagerly flagging down a bus that can speed her to the boy who's going to take away her virginity, only to distract the bus driver into fatally plowing over an innocent bystander. Wait, wait, you're saying. The trailer? For Margaret? Yup, this is the first footage we've ever seen of the long, long-delayed Margaret, and it's an interesting portal into who these stars were six years ago when the movie was shot: Paquin was still a former child actress not yet flush with TV-star maturity and polish, while her co-star Matt Damon (as the teacher Paquin seduces) was still solidly in his mid-30s and had a year to go before The Departed would come out. Who's up for a double feature comprised of this and Fireflies in the Garden? [Playlist/Indiewire]