New Bob Dylan Paintings Remind Some People of Other Artwork


And so Bob finds himself in the middle of another mini source-material storm: Certain bloggers and "Dylanologists" point out that a handful of paintings in Dylan's new Gagosian exhibit bear more than a passing resemblance to older, sometimes well-known photographs. "The Asia Series," which opened September 20, is billed as "a visual journal" of Dylan's travels with "firsthand depictions of people, street scenes, architecture and landscapes"; writers noticed similarities between Dylan's works and specific photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leon Busy, and Dimitri Kessel. Dylan declined to comment, and the Gagosian noted that while the composition may be inspired by archival sources, "the paintings' vibrancy and freshness" come from Dylan himself. The freshness! That's all Bob. [ArtsBeat/NYT]