Breaking Bad’s Creator Says Walt ‘Probably Does Need to Atone’ for Everything He’s Done


Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan says he's not sure exactly how Walt's story will end, but he has a few ideas. "It's sort of like with life: I have my desires for it, but it doesn't mean we'll necessarily be able to get there," he tells Terry Gross. He's also still very captivated by the ideas of cosmic justice, of all actions having some sort of eternal consequence, and he says that plays out in his characters. "Walter White's probably first amongst" people who are in line for some form of karmic punishment, he says. "A casual viewer to the show might think it's a show about immorality or amorality." But that's not the whole picture, he says. "The things that Walt does, probably he does need to atone for, and perhaps he will when it's all said and done." [NPR]