Britney Spears Brandishes Gun in New Video, U.K. Lawmakers Not Happy


The pop star recently wrapped up filming a new music video for her upcoming single, "Criminal," which was apparently Bonnie and Clyde–themed. Given the song's title and all, it's not really that shocking that in one scene she comes running out of a convenience store waving a pistol. But local officials in the London neighborhood of Hackney, where parts of the video were filmed, are not happy with what they see as Spears's glamorization of gun violence. One councilman said the singer should give a "sizable donation" to a Hackney charity while the area's Member of Parliament worried that some young people might "get drawn in." "Britney should really know better," she added. Lucky for Lady Gaga that her machine-gun bra in "Alejandro" didn't raise anyone's hackles. [SFGate]