What Does Chippendales Make of the Magic Mike Cast?


Magic Mike, the deliciously cast new Stephen Soderbergh movie based on Channing Tatum's early career as a stripper, has, as we've been breathlessly alerting you, assembled quite the cast of hunky men, with Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Bomer, and Joe "Big Dick Richie" Mangianello, among others, joining Tatum. Certainly, all of these fellas will look good in a G-string, but do they have the necessary stripper moves? Luckily, former Vulture Amos Barshad, still as intrigued by Magic Mike as we are, is on the case: He spoke to the Chippendales director of operations and a dancer to evaluate the cast's stripper abilities. The takeaway: Joe Mangianello already looks the part, but needs to shave ("Joe’s werewolf facial hair would have to go"), Alex Pettyfer better get on his protein shakes ("He’s got good dancing skills, but he would need to bulk up a little"), and Matthew Bomer, well, "he could be the dark horse that comes out of nowhere and out-dances everybody." [Hollywood Prospectus/Grantland]