Community Casts Pierce’s Dad Using The Sophia Petrillo Principle


Picture it: Greendale. 2011. Joining the rich tradition of inappropriately-aged comedy parents, Chevy Chase’s father on Community will be played by actor Larry Cedar, most notably of Deadwood fame and a good 12 years younger than Chase. Cedar will appear early in the upcoming season as Cornelius Hawthorne, Pierce’s dad presumed dead until some drama at the Hawthorne Moist Towelette company draws him out of hiding. “We’re taking the Estelle Getty approach,” Dan Harmon explained. “Instead of getting an actor who is actually old enough to be Pierce’s dad in real-life, we’re going to a younger actor who we can make feel old in different way.” Right, with a wicker purse and the vague implication of dementia. We’re picking up what you’re putting down, Harmon.