Win a T-Shirt Honoring Community’s Biggest Hero: Magnitude! Pop Pop!

Community kicks off its third season tonight, and to celebrate, Vulture is giving away ten T-shirts emblazoned with Greendale's most charismatic and catchphrased student, one-man-party Magnitude ("Pop pop!"). They're easy to win: Just write your best ode to any Community character in haiku form — that's five, seven, and five syllables per line — in the comments below. Think of this as Intro to Competitive Poetry and bust out your best Greendale material. Are you in the Jeff fan club? Can Annie do no wrong? Do you find yourself torn between Troy and Abed? Submit your entries by 6 p.m. tonight and check back tomorrow when we announce our ten winners. (You can also find other Community gear at the NBC online store.) Update: Okay, the contest is closed! Save your syllables for the next one, and we'll announce our winners soon. Update pt. 2: Winners will be announced Monday!