Cox-Arquette Doing Friends Derivative Comedy


Courteney Cox and estranged hubby David Arquette are expected to start pitching a new comedy that is eerily reminiscent of another comedy Cox famously starred in, Friends. The show will chronicle the relationships of, yes you guessed it, a group of friends over the course of ten years, coincidentally (or not) the same number of years Friends was on the air. Tentatively titled 10 Years, TV Line reports that early buzz has two of the characters loosely based on Cox and Arquette's rocky relationship — in a recent L.A. Times interview, Arquette mentioned they were experiencing "compatibility issues." While unclear whether either of the two will star in the series — after all, Cox has Cougar Town and Arquette's newly on DWTS — there's a possibility he'll at least take on one of the roles. [TV Line]