Dan Harmon Opens Up to Wired Magazine


Come on a journey - a Hero’s Journey, if you will (you won’t? Okay) - with this profile of Dan Harmon, which follows the path of Harmon’s career using his own 8-step storytelling formula. Not that it’s a surprise to anyone who follows his blog, but Harmon is pretty mercurial and day-drinky, as well as very similar to Community’s Abed in his tendency to relate more easily to pop culture than to humans.

It’s always surprising to hear someone so successful in this business admit to being vulnerable outside of Marc Maron’s garage. Of his time on The Sarah Silverman Program, for example, Harmon says, “I was inexperienced and oversensitive. Sarah would email me notes, and they’d hurt my feelings.” The profile also goes into the self-diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome that came about when fans started asking if Abed had the disorder. Tucking that little anecdote in my pocket for the next time my mom says that I should’ve gone to medical school instead of writing comedy.