Dane Cook Wanted His Louie Appearance to Be ‘Less Interesting’


Back in August, comedians Dane Cook and Louis C.K. called what looked (sort of) like a truce on their long-standing joke-stealing beef. As you may recall, Cook made a somewhat surprising guest appearance on Louie, playing a (sort of) fictionalized version of himself. At the time, we noted that Cook came off as "genuinely miffed, never exaggerating his jerkiness so as to winkingly let us know he’s in on the joke." Apparently, that was not exactly his choice. In a recent interview with the A.V. Club, Louis C.K. said that after the two initially rehearsed the episode, Cook sent an e-mail asking for a few changes to his character. Among his requests: "I wanna portray myself as somebody who’s at peace with this, because I am. And as somebody who can get above things. I’m not an angry person." But C.K. (who admits to being an "asshole" who "can't take notes") didn't think that would make for very good comedy, and he said so in his response: "No to all of that, I have no interest as portraying you as a level-headed person, not at all interesting to me." In the end, the episode was shot as written — and, apparently, received just as Cook feared. [A.V. Club]