Daniel Radcliffe Understands the Value of the Star Wars Movies


In an interview with Moviefone, Daniel Radcliffe revealed that the only Star Wars movie he's seen is The Phantom Menace. However, even though he's never watched the original movies, he understands the parallels between that franchise and the one that made him an international celebrity: "What 'Star Wars' and 'Potter' have in common is a huge devoted fan base ... Any kind of a franchise where a world is created will then engender a generation of nerds. Fantastic! Nerds are the best things in the world. I think of myself as a nerd. What was the Bill Gates thing? 'Be nice to nerds, you'll probably be working for them one day.'" So, does that mean he considers himself the employer, or the employee? Really, it doesn't matter — when you're Daniel Radcliffe, the positions are equally lucrative. [Moviefone]