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casting couch

That ’70s Show’s Danny Masterson Cast in a TBS Comedy

Danny Masterson.

Getting cast on a new show went pretty well for Ashton Kutcher, so now it's Danny Masterson's turn, providing even more supporting evidence to our theory that the cast of That '70s Show is on a hot streak. Masterson, a.k.a. DJ Momjeans, will star in TBS's upcoming show multi-camera comedy Men at Work, about a guy whose friends try to help him be more manly. Don't confuse this show with Man Up, about a guy who tries to teach his son how to be more manly; Last Man Standing, about a guy who wants the whole world to be more manly; Work It, about guys who want the job market to be more manly; How to Be a Gentleman, about a guy teaching another guy how to be more manly; A Gifted Man, about a guy whose ghost companion wants him to be more upstandingly manly; or Man Caves, about making home decorating more manly. Men men men men manstuff manstuff manstuff! [Deadline]

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty