Downton Abbey Season Two: ‘War Makes Early Risers of Us All’


It seems almost cruel to share this British trailer for Downton, debuting next week in the U.K., given that American viewers will have to wait until January for its premiere. But also, it's impossible not to: Downton Abbey season two, everyone! Can you stand it?! We cannot. Be warned that the spot is slightly spoiler-y, or at least sets up some of the plotlines you probably expected: Matthew Crawley in the WWI trenches, the return of Mrs. Bates, Maggie Smith saying sassy things in a hat. We also learn the name of Matthew's new flame — Isabelle, hiss — and watch Sybill try to conquer modern plumbing. But where is William? The chauffeur? Lady Edith? (Eh, do you really care about the last one? Be honest!) If you have any British friends, now is the time to bribe them into live-blogging or smuggling DVR recordings across the Atlantic (or, you know, the Internet). 2012 is too far away to wait.