The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer No. 2: James Bond Makes Friends in Sweden


It's not eight minutes long, and it doesn't use a jamming Zeppelin cover (or Muppets), but the second trailer for David Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo still promises as dark, twisted, and awesomely intense an adaptation as one could hope for. What's new in this one? Well, there's speaking, which gives us a read on the accent situation. It appears to be Swedish-accented English, except for Daniel Craig, who sticks with the Queen's. We get a brief introduction to the Vangers (Christopher Plummer! Stellan Skarsgaard! Guy from the new Parent Trap!), some Lisbeth backstory (including an enjoyably sassy exchange between Rooney Mara and Craig: "They're encrypted." "Please."), and a glimpse of the office in which unspeakable dildo-related attacks will occur. Based on the acts of violence stuffed into the trailer, Fincher won't be holding back on that scene. You have exactly three months to prepare yourself.