Drake Is a Little Disappointed in Justin Bieber


The Justin Bieber remix of Drake's "Trust Issues" may have been angsty, but it was also notably Bieberized: Gone were the F-words and the references to women as "bitches," replaced by kinder substitutions suitable for the Biebz to say out loud. So how does Drake feel about the cover? "I wish he would've left all the cuss words in it," he admitted to MTV. "I feel like that would've been so G, if he would've done all the swearing. But I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, 'Oh, we're about to hear the transformation of Bieber!'" Still, Drake's cool with what he got. "He's like a talented kid, again from Canada," beamed his fellow Canuck. "To hear him even remix that song is crazy." [MTV]