Funny or Die/Onion News Network’s Chris Kelly Hired as a Writer at SNL


SNL has just hired another new writer for the upcoming new season: Funny or Die’s Chris Kelly. Kelly left a staff job as a writer/director at the Onion News Network this spring (something he wrote about here on Splitsider) to head west to be a writer at Funny or Die (something I recently wrote about for GQ). Now, he’s heading back east to start his new gig at SNL in NYC next week.

As you may recall, he’ll be joining CollegeHumor’s Sarah Schneider as the season’s other new writer. So with these two hires, SNL is bringing in former staffers from the three biggest original comedy video producers on the internet: CollegeHumor, Funny or Die and The Onion. Kind of amazing, no? I’m pretty excited for this season, you guys.