George Carlin May Get His Own Street, Pave Way For Seinfeld Speedway and Lenny Bruce Lane


George Carlin’s daughter has started a petition to rename the block Carlin grew up on “George Carlin Way.” “I know my dad loved his neighborhood deeply and you know, I think it’s important that New Yorkers know where he came from,” Kelly Carlin says. You can sign the petition here and change the fate of the 500 block of West 121st street forever.

With any luck, this story will set the precedent for other awesomely named geographical areas, like Cosby Court and Pryor Park and Mel Brooks Brook. And they could play classic comedy albums on the corresponding streets! Okay, I just invented the nerdiest theme park ever.

The local football stadium would be called Rodney Dangerfield Field. That was the last one. Promise.