Ghostbusters Slimes On Back to the Big Screen This October


Ghostbusters is coming to theaters! Again!

It’ll be interesting to see whether a new generation of fans falls under the spell of such a well-respected classic. While it’s still unclear how wide the October re-release will be, it appears to be an effort to gauge whether it’s worth making a Ghostbusters 3. Cause, you know, god forbid we just make an original movie. Better to re-release all the old ones to test whether sequels will be profitable.

And at the very least, going to see Ghostbusters in theaters will be a great addition to your 1984 Theme Party (other activities: dancing to Funkytown, giving each other side ponytails, engaging in an earnest discussion of the themes of censorship and totalitarian control in George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984).