Good Lord: 28 Million People Watched Two and a Half Men Last Night


Last night, a whopping 28 million people tuned in to see Ashton Kutcher step into Charlie Sheen’s bowling shirts on Two and a Half Men. That is insane; it’s over 11% of the entire population of the United States. It’s also more than the entire population of Australia. Obviously, those numbers won’t stick. People were tuning in out of pure curiosity, and judging by our own Josh Kurp’s take on it, what they saw wasn’t very good. Will lots of people still watch it? Probably. But not this many people.

And the huge numbers certainly didn’t hurt 2 Broke Girls, which enjoyed a huge audience of 19.15 million thanks to its sleazy lead-in. For context: a good week for Community is around 4.5 million viewers. Maybe it’s time for Joel McHale’s public, drug-fueled meltdown? Come on, Winger, do it for the study group.