Ryan Gosling Had Thirteen of Those Snazzy Drive Jackets

Ryan Gosling in Drive Photo: FilmDistrict

When he chooses to wear a jacket (or any shirt at all), the Gos is something of an outerwear enthusiast — he's regularly spotted around town in various plaid numbers, and who can forget that red-piped bomber in Blue Valentine? But Gosling majorly ups the ante in Drive with a white satin quilted jacket designed by Erin Benach. Our friends at Grantland caught up with Benach to discuss the look, and she offered a few fun facts: Gosling's contributions were inspired by the fifties Korean souvenir jacket he wears in real life; the scorpion on the back was a joint suggestion from Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn, and it's a reference to Kenneth Anger's "Scorpio Rising"; and Benach made thirteen of the jackets for filming. Most important: She says you may be able to buy it soon. White satin'd wannabe Goslings, coming soon to a million bars near you. [Hollywood Prospectus/Grantland]