Happy Endings Season Preview: TV Puppy Kids, Thoughts of Reggie Watts


Happy Endings’ Season 2 starts tonight (which I will be recapping again for you bonerz), and for the occasion the cast gave TVLine a peek at plot points to come, like Megan Mullally stopping by as Casey Wilson’s mom (“We did a big song-and-dance number. It was literally the highlight of my short career,” explains Wilson), no pregnancies ( “[Brad] was born without testicles,” says Damon Wayans Jr., which would be an amazing character choice. “I think kids are boring. And they’re only cute for like one second. TV kids are like puppies.”) and the probably-not-going-to-happen-but-would-be-amazing fantasy-casting of Reggie Watts as Adam Pally’s boyfriend. “I think he’s the funniest comedian around,” Pally lobbies. “And I also find him very attractive.”