Happy Endings Is Back Tonight


Here's a friendly TV reminder (and a bit of advocacy for a show that could use the viewers): ABC's Happy Endings — the sitcom that most recently proved it is very hard to judge a sitcom from its first few episodes! — returns tonight at 9:30 p.m. for its second season. Happy Endings began last year as just another Friends knockoff, and then ... got really funny, thanks to its excellent ensemble, unique characters, rat-a-tat pop-culture dialogue, and acknowledgment that men and women live in the same world and — gasp! — often get along. Things to look forward to this year include Megan Mullally as Casey Wilson's mom , more of Jane and Brad's slightly kinky chemistry, and, of course, Adam Pally. (In a recent interview with the Advocate, Pally I.D.'ed the following as his "favorite gay TV characters": "Chandler on Friends was one of my favorite gay characters. Newman on Seinfeld was a great gay character. I also loved Adam Brody’s character on The O.C.." Adam Pally, everyone!) Hopefully this season the show will also figure out how to make the characters of Alex and Dave interesting, continue to slag on hipsters, and get Penny to speak Italian again.