J. Edgar Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio Invents Fingerprinting, Crazy Accents


Anyone who's felt concern over Leonardo DiCaprio's recent aging pattern should probably skip the trailer for J. Edgar, since Leo spends a good chunk of it in gnarly, alarming old-man makeup. It's not a great look for the actor, who thankfully also gets some screen time as Young Edgar Hoover, but the majority of these scenes feature Leo strutting around in a tie clip and threatening everyone around him. J. Edgar Hoover: kind of a jackass! By the looks of the trailer, Clint Eastwood has included all the most scandalous allegations about Hoover's life: the presidential rivalries, the illegal investigations and files (including one on Eleanor Roosevelt and [wink wink] her private life), and his rumored affair with Clyde Tolson, played by former Winklevii Armie Hammer. (We don't see them kiss, but we do see some illicit back seat hand-holding.) One point of concern: Leo narrates the trailer with a vaguely Brahmin accent, though extensive research indicates that Hoover lived in D.C. his whole life. We're all for crazy Boston accents, but what about historical integrity?