Put Your James Franco Fatigue Aside: He’s Back In Form on General Hospital


Today James Franco returns to General Hospital as performance artist and murderer Franco. What was that? You don't care? Franco has been so totally out-Francoed by the far less irksome, far more heroic Ryan Gosling, who is still making trying hard look effortless, that you are over him and his absurd art projects? Fair! But we still strongly encourage you to watch the clip from today's episode, which is a spare one minute rush of total absurdity. Opening with glamorous shots of breakfast foods — Franco's art involves photographs of "Wheatix"! And text that says "AM. Cereal. Killers"! — it quickly segues into an expository monologue between Franco and his pet monkey. Yes! Franco strokes his pet monkey — the very same monkey who has appeared before — while talking about the wedding he is going to crash. It all ends with Franco saying "There's no place like home!" with a maniacal gleam in his eye. "No place like home!" Someone wrote that dialogue! Seriously, one minute and one second of your day! Will not regret!