Vulture Exclusive: Stream Jens Lekman’s An Argument With Myself


When Jens Lekman released "An Argument With Myself," the title track off his forthcoming EP, we were happy to discover that despite a five-year break from recording, the Swedish pop heartthrob is still very much himself — meaning shy, charmingly self-deprecating, and ready to share remarkably specific details about his coffee order with anyone who will listen. Things have not changed! The full five-track EP, which Vulture is streaming exclusively before its September 20 release, delivers more of the bashful indie-folk and witty references we've come to expect from Jens. There's the studio version of concert staple "Waiting for Kirsten," in which a drunk Lekman waits for Dunst outside her hotel, plus three new songs, one of which ("New Directions") involves some highly confusing driving instructions that probably lead to an actual Swedish place. If you try them out, let us know; in the meantime, check out An Argument With Myself below.

An Argument With Myself EP by DOJAGSC