J. Lo Seduces the World With a Magic Cookie


Don't worry if you aren't familiar with "Papi," the newest single off Jennifer Lopez's Love?; the song — your standard "hands in the air" club track — hardly matters. J. Lo made us a new movie! It's only five minutes long, and the plot is not exactly complicated, but J. Lo commits to her performance as if she were filming Wedding Planner 2: The Vow Renewal. It's great! We get a full minute of backstory: J. Lo, dressed in sweats, goes to collect her mail from the front desk of her hotel (or maybe it's an apartment complex with a functioning mail room? Or just an alternate universe where people still open their paper mail?) The kind mail lady, who notices that Jennifer's been down on her luck with the menfolk, offers J. Lo a magic love potion cookie. Ignoring the mail lady's warnings, she takes a giant bite, and boom! The male population of an entire city is chasing after her. [Cue the music.] J. Lo is endearingly game throughout — she hams it up for the chase scenes, attempts some Tokyo-style drifting, and even makes some Goofy Faces (along with the requisite "Sexy Face") during the final dance break. Even the product placement is funny — keep a lookout for the crazed dude stealing a bottle of Crown Royal. We didn't realize we'd missed you, but: Welcome back, Actor-Performer Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi” Video: Basically Another J.Lo Romantic Comedy [Idolator]