Jon Stewart Confirms That Eddie Murphy Will Kill It At The Oscars


I know you weren’t sure about Eddie Murphy’s Oscar hosting gig yet. Like, maybe they should give James Franco another stab it? He tried so hard, god bless his heart. Well you can lay your sack of worries down, friend, because Jon Stewart is about to ease your troubled mind. “Listen, the last person I would give advice to is Eddie Murphy. He’s gonna fucking kill it,” Stewart says Rolling Stone. “He’s the type of guy they haven’t had in a while. He’s a movie star, but he’s a great comic – sort of similar to Billy Crystal in his ‘multi-ability.’” Comparing him to his own hosting turn in 2006, Stewart says,”With guys like me, you get the sense that at some level, deep down inside, we think it’s fucking ridiculous. Now that can make for a very entertaining show. But it’s good to mix it up.”