Justice Trailer: Nicolas Cage Didn’t Mean to Join the Mob


The vigilante thriller Justice — renamed from the far more amusing The Hungry Rabbit Jumps — teaches a simple lesson: When random bald men appear in hospital waiting rooms and offer to kill your wife's attacker, say no. Even if the bald man is Guy Pearce, do not trust him; there's no such thing as a free revenge murder. Nicolas Cage learns this the hard way in Justice, which follows a sinister League of Justice premise to its natural conclusion (Nic Cage throwing a sex offender over a bridge). Then he and January Jones run around trying to overthrow Pearce's mysterious organization, and a bunch of vehicles explode, and presumably good trumps evil, but Vulture is more interested in the promotional images that accompany trailer: There's one of Cage in a glitter mask, and another of Jones awkwardly holding a guitar. Why didn't those scenes make it into the trailer? Is there a more compelling movie advertisement than Nicolas Cage in a Mardi Gras glitter mask?