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Justin Timberlake Did Another Concert Last Night

Yesterday, Vulture brought you the very important news that Serious Actor Justin Timberlake deigned to actually sing, in public, at a record release party for the hip-hop band Freesol. Well, Freesol had another concert last night at New York City's Irving Plaza, and as promised, a fedora-ed JT took the stage to do what he does best. Below are two videos from the performance: an acoustic take on "Cry Me a River" (which tragically cuts off in the middle) and a snippet of "Like I Love You," in which Justin changes a single, crucial word — "You will know the difference when I fuck you" — and everyone screams. If we're being honest, certain home viewers might have as well. Anyway, two concerts in two nights! Keep it up, Pop Star Justin; the look suits you.