Kreayshawn Isn’t Having Fun Being Famous


Despite her generally cheery demeanor at the VMAs, where she hosted a red-carpet segment and delivered a crossbow to Joe Jonas, Kreayshawn is not totally enjoying her newfound semi-stardom. Following a nude-photo leak over the weekend, the "Gucci Gucci" rapper poured her heart out on Tumblr, under a post titled "I Am Mad": "All I wanted to do is create and have a good time. But, this is quickly forming into something I never would have signed up for from being accused of being racist to getting my pre-teen nudes leaked everywhere. I feel like this shit ain’t my cup of tea." Well, yikes to the photo scandal, but don't worry about young Kray: She's since tweeted about an awesome-sounding party involving "ice cream, steaks, trees, board games, milk," and cat treats. Can't keep an unbasic bitch down. [Kreayshawn/Tumblr]