Lady Gaga Suing to Protect Her Name

Lady Gaga leaving a recording studio in Hollywood, CA.

Pictured: Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has filed a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit against Excite Worldwide, a Chicago-based company that has been marketing a jewelry and cosmetics line called "Lady Gaga by Design." Apparently, that name is a big lie — and a potential source of confusion for little monsters who might not realize that she isn't affiliated with the products. Additionally, her lawyers have accused Excite of filing "frivolous" trademark applications, which are getting in the way of her own attempts to claim her title in the eyes of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (Gaga-approved "candles, key chains, bags, towels, lanyards, tattoos, wigs and ornaments" are all awaiting trademark.) Unsurprisingly, Excite's representatives have declined to comment. However, as the Daily News points out, the company's website bills the operation as "the number one source to launch new brands." A bold claim, considering who they're up against. [NYDN]