Lars Von Trier Now Unapologizing for Saying That Stuff About Hitler


Lars von Trier has apologized a number of times for the rabble-rousing "I understand Hitler" remarks he made at the Cannes Film Festival. But Lars being Lars, he cannot leave it at that, and so now is ... un-apologizing for his comments (which, to be fair, he did always mean as a joke). Speaking to GQ in the sort of stream-of-consciousness style he should learn to leave in his consciousness, Von Trier said, "To say I'm sorry for what I said is to say I'm sorry for what kind of a person I am, (and that) I'm sorry for my morals, and that would destroy me as a person. It's not true. I'm not sorry. I am not sorry for what I said. I'm sorry that it didn't come out more clearly. I'm not sorry that I made a joke. But I'm sorry that I didn't make it clear that it was a joke. But I can't be sorry for what I said — it's against my nature ... but that's maybe where I'm really sick in my mind. You can't be sorry about something that's fundamentally you. Maybe I'm a freak in that sense." [Toronto Sun via Movieline]