Last Night on Late Night: Denis Leary Delivers the Ultimate Rescue Me Spoiler Alert


Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Denis Leary gives away the ultimate spoiler alert for the very last episode of Rescue Me, airing September 7. "In the final scene that we shot ... there's a funeral scene, and I was off camera that day," he says, adding, "Ooh, could be a clue." Plus: David Letterman not-so-subtly mocks the Kardashian clan, even mistaking Kourtney for Khloe — though he does have a history of forgetting his guests' names; Aubrey Plaza recounts her Sharon Stone how-not-to-look-like-a-lesbian red-carpet tips on Conan, whose Burbank, California, studio incidentally was put up for rent on Airbnb Tuesday; and Gloria Estefan, out promoting her Pharrell Williams–produced "Little Miss Havana" album, saw some really weird things in her days as a customs interpreter. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.