Last Night on Late Night: Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, and Charlie Rose Skinny Dipped at George Clooney’s Mansion


Last night on Conan, Marisa Tomei discloses that The Ides of March cast — an odd medley that included Evan Rachel Wood and Charlie Rose — took a group skinny dip at George Clooney's Lake Como palazzo. Apparently, Walter Cronkite had set the precedent for lakeside shenanigans, leaving Clooney to goad his guests, "Are you going to top Cronkite?" After all, WWCD? Plus: Animal expert Jack Hanna strangely sputters and sighs in exasperated form because he actually doesn't quite know about ... animals; Mary Lynn Rajskub, markedly sexed-up since 24, claims that NBC told her to pull her shirt even lower; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt belts out a Lady Gaga duet AC/DC-style with Jimmy Fallon. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.