Louis CK Honors George Carlin In 2010 NYPL Tribute


While the funniest part of this video is that incredibly blase host (you know she’s just finishing her sudoku up there), the rest of Louis CK’s George Carlin tribute will having you tearing up like Louis CK giving a George Carlin tribute. In a video from NYPL’s “A Tribute To George Carlin” from March 2010 (which was just uploaded to YouTube), CK credits Carlin with making him seriously laugh for the first time (what do dogs do on their day off?), as well as teaching him the value of systematically throwing away your material. “When you’re done telling jokes about airplanes and dogs, and you throw those away, what have you got left? You can only dig deeper,” Louis explains. “Eventually you get to your balls.” It’s a love letter, really.