Luck Teaser: And They’re Off


The first trailer for Luck is here, and the Michael Mann–David Milch horse-racing drama looks more or less how one would expect (in a good way): intense and lush, with plenty of clenched jaws and men about to snap. Dustin Hoffman stars as Ace, a gambler recently released from prison, and Nick Nolte plays a horse trainer looking for his next big win. Let the jowly face-offs start! Milch writes inventive, thrilling dialogue, yes, but underneath the elaborate exteriors are characters seeking redemption, another chance, or a fresh start. These are people in transition; that was my old life, but this is my new life. It was true on Deadwood, it was true on the maligned John From Cincinnati, it was true even on the more traditional NYPD Blue, and Hoffman's wide eyes seem to convey that it's true here, too. Luck will likely premiere in January, HBO confirms. [Screen Rant]