Watch Madonna Utter Her New Catchphrase, ‘I Absolutely Loathe Hydrangeas’


Madonna's new film W.E. got a scathing reception at its Venice Film Festival premiere, but the director herself appeared unperturbed, putting on a pair of sunglasses and a defiant smile for all of the movie's photo ops. Only once did she let her mask drop, and it wasn't because someone asked her about her movie's Jewish problem or Nikki Finke's Deadline takedown; no, it was because a fan dared to give her a hydrangea before her press conference, a shocking caught-on-tape moment that prompted this campy carp from Madonna to her W.E. star Andrea Risenborough, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn't know that." Obviously! But now everyone will know that, and you'd better believe that as we speak, Guy Ritchie's assistant is sending Madonna a deliciously ironic, all-hydrangea congratulatory bouquet. You've got only yourself to blame for this one, Madge.